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Vernier Gear

Vernier Gear 1Vernier Gear 2

Allows your camshaft to have small adjustments made without disruption to the chain etc. Custom made on CNC lathe comes with fitting instructions. £50 free postage UK & Northern Ireland.


Steel Flywheel

Fly Wheel 1 Fly Wheel 2 Fly Wheel 3 Fly Wheel 4 Fly Wheel 5

Superlight weight steel flywheel with integral starter ring gear, fully CNC machined from Billet weighs only 2kg! Comes fully balanced ready to fit. Significant improvement in engine response and increased engine braking. Machined to take 7.25” race clutch. A must for the serious racer! (See 2010 Cadwell Park Video for improved race starts) £230 free postage UK & Northern Ireland.