Current Projects

1150cc HRSR Imp Racer

75mm liners prior to final assembly

5/8" spacer plate adds rigidity and eliminates liner shuffle

Dummy liner, for checking concentricity


Down draft head

Head machined to take 1.38 inlet and 1.210 exhaust valves

Final operation was to skim the head at an angle to create a 'wedge head'

Wills ring groves also re-machined


Future Project Ideas

4wd Imp (Using Imp engine mated to Mini gear box)

Originally built by Ian Carter Imp engine mated to mini gearbox

Metro sub frame purchased, still a long way to go!

1200cc 5 bearing Imp engine

Prototype aluminium liners, this engine is believed to have come from Coventry’s Rootes test department

The extra height block allows 68mm stroke x 75mm bore, giving 1200cc

930cc B1 block has may more strengthening webs than early sand cast 1200cc units

Steel 5 bearing crank

Constant verlocity joint to replace Imp rubber rotoflex